Sunday, November 22, 2009

So close to the end...

Not much has been going on lately, mainly because it's getting closer to final exam time and my work load has just gotten insane. Some of the frustration since my last post has worn off, thankfully, but I'm still just quite stressed. With all the school work, weird dreams and awful sleep, and the fact that I've been killing all the technology around me, it's just been a bit much all at once. Luckily, little fun things have been sort of breaking up the stress for me.
Earlier this week, I met up with my friend Staci and we played a little pool. I haven't done so for several years, and even though I am less than excellent at this, I really enjoyed it. We had a fun time.
Yesterday (Friday), I helped out another friend, Trisha, with a project she has to do for her photography courses at school. She shot some photos of me goofing off and some other normal ones. They were all on film, so if I'm not sure if I'll get to see copies of them or not. I just hope they turn out well for her. We spent a lot of time catching up, as we haven't really seen each other in about 2 years.
Yesterday was also a good mail day for me. I received two postcards I was really fond of. The first was a Futurama card that someone received and was kind enough to pass on to me. I do love Futurama.
The other was a handmade card that just made my day. It was really interesting, in a good way, and also had some beautiful vintage stamps on the back (commemorating the moon landing).

I know...I'm a nerd, but simple things make me happy.
Today, Staci came over and helped me dye my hair darker again. It turned out really well, thankfully, so I think I'll keep her. We spent a couple of hours just talking and laughing about random things afterwards, which was a nice way to end a day of studying.
Unfortunately, the only break I have between the end of classes and my exams is Reading Day....I get one day off. That's never happened before. I've also never had an 8 a.m. exam before or one on a Saturday - this year I have an exam at 8 a.m. on Saturday. So, I will not be getting out of town until after my exams are finished. Hopefully then I'll have some more interesting news.


  1. Ummm. Love the handmade post card. Lovelovelove it. Mind spilling the beans on who your partner was that sent it?

  2. Best of luck on the exams! It's been a while since exams for me... LOL! November is a completely insane time at work (annual audit and I'm an accountant) so I can relate. Simply too much all at once. Sheesh, the headaches of the upcoming holidays are almost a relief after this!!

    Cool post card!

  3. That's from Dumpsterdiversanonymous isn't it! I love her stuff!

  4. congrats on finishing those exams up!!