Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top Secret

So after I wrote that thing about sharing my mail, the mail flow for the week kind of slowed down. But here's what I've gotten in the past three days.

I was going to go to San Jose on my All You Can Jet trip, because I've always wanted to visit the Winchester Mystery House. But there were no direct flights, so I had changed my plan to take the train down from San Francisco for one day and then go straight back. Then it turned out I had a really good time in SF, so I never made it to San Jose. Next time!

Fun little card. Endicott is up near Binghampton, a little over the PA border near I-81. I've never been to that area of New York, but I'm sure it's nice.

I love this card from Brisbane. The colors are so bright! I'd love to visit Australia someday, and this card makes me want to go even more. Also, check out the cute stamp that was on the back of it.

My chinese zodiac sign is rabbit, so I've really enjoyed seeing all the cute Year of the Rabbit stamps and postcards for 2011. This stamp is by far the cutest one I've seen, though.

I also got a little something in the mail from a close friend. My little package had a mix CD and some fun extras (note the Trogdor button - so glad the package wasn't burninated by the time it got here).

Said friend has been making mixes every month of the year for the past year or so, and each year ends with a spectacular Christmas mix. So, if you want to, and I promise you want to, you can check out all of the mixes (and download them) here. They're really diverse and there's something there for everyone.

I also got a little package from Fancy Flours. It's super top secret and I can't tell you what it is at this juncture, but it will make another appearance in the future. Guesses are allowed, but you'll have to wait to see the contents until another day. I like their wrapping, though - super cute tissue paper.

That's all the mail I have to share. I also received my Iron & Wine ticket in the mail yesterday, so that was exciting.

I don't really have anything else to share either. Things have been boring and I've been strangely exhausted, so other than running errands and doing housework, I've not done much. More to come in the near future, surely.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I can't f*ck you.

I've sort of made the executive decision that I'm going to be sharing the postcards I receive on a regular basis. That doesn't mean my blog will become strictly about the mail I receive. I like to do many things in my life and I love sharing them. So I'll continue to share my baking, dumb stories, and concert photos as well. I just really love getting postcards and I get really excited about all the cool images because I'm a dork. So, anyway, we'll see how it goes and it might take me a little while to get into a perfect rhythm of how to do this, but I hope a few people at least will enjoy it. So bear with me! And here's my mail from today!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tofu Makes Me So So Happy

I decided to start doing swaps via again. Mostly postcard swaps, but maybe some other things once I get back into the swing of things again. Anyway, I got some fun postcards in the mail today, so I thought I would share.

Also, in other news, I bought a ticket to go see Iron & Wine in Savannah on April 23. That's my first set plan for 2011. So hopefully, it'll be a good time.

Nothing else new today. More at a later date.

Friday, January 14, 2011


I wish I had some interesting stories to tell or fun news to share. So far, 2011 has been completely uneventful.

I went to Columbia for a day last weekend to do some record shopping and hang out with a friend I hadn't seen since 2006. I met him maybe a week or two before I left Newberry College, so we didn't have much hangout time while I was there. Anyway, it was a nice little trip away from Charleston and, of course, I had a good time.

Other than that, most of my time has been spent hanging around the house and doing job applications. Despite the job applications, I'm still unemployed. It's a very frustrating situation to be in. Hopefully that'll all change very soon.

I don't have any firm upcoming plans this year either. No concerts in the future, no trips to speak of. I'm afraid this is just a boring little update. Should anything awesome arise, I'm sure I will have tons to say about it.