Friday, July 22, 2011

Now on Tumblr...

I have started a Tumblr "blog" thing. This seems kind of stupid, considering I don't update this blog very often. But, because I have not had much to say lately, I thought that Tumblr would be a good way to easily share photos (which you can't do with Blogger?) of random things throughout my day (mostly taken from my phone, so nothing super fancy) and also share links. I can, of course, write little blogs on there too if I so desire, but I'm thinking that for now, those type of posts will stay here.

I haven't quite decided what I'm going to be doing as far as keeping this blog up and running. I may or may not, at a later date, decide that either I hate Tumblr and want to stay here on Blogger, or perhaps that I love Tumblr and want to move all of my entries on Blogger over there. Maybe someday I will even be a grown-up and make my own blog theme or have my own domain. Who knows.

This is not a farewell, this is just a notice of something new. So, now that all of that's out of the way, you can visit the Tumblr thingy at!

I'm still playing around trying to find a theme I like (so far, the current one is the best I have found), so it may change appearance a few times until I get settled in, but there are already some photos over there. Here's what it looks like rightrightnow in my browser!

Click it to make it bigger! And if you're already on Tumblr, you can follow me.