Monday, August 29, 2011

A lot of really pathetically tiny and stupid things seem to be able to make me cry lately. My boss' story of how he just proposed to his now fiancee? Yep. Seeing people holding hands or kissing on the cheek? Yep. Any movie except for horror movies where everyone dies and nobody falls in love in the process? Yep. That one song that was on that one mix CD? Yep. A stupid little stuffed animal thing with sad eyes in the toy aisle at Target? Yep...definitely yep.

But the number one thing that can do it is seeing people I went to high school or college with posting statuses on Facebook that say things like, "Five more unbearably long days until I see my sweetie! :'(" I'd take five days in a heartbeat. I'd take five weeks if it meant knowing for sure that I was ever going to see the person I love again.

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