Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend Things: Part One

So this past weekend (Friday - Tuesday), some of my family members were in town to enjoy Harbor Fest with me.  Despite the ridiculously hot weather, it was mostly pleasant and we did a lot of fun stuff.  So much, in fact, that I can't share it all at once.

On Friday, my family arrived in town just before I had to go do my shift at Harbor Fest.  So I stopped to say hi and then took off.  I was stationed at the merchandise center on the dock across from the Capitan Miranda.  The Capitan is a Uruguayan ship.  She is 205' long with a 12' draft, 27' beam, and a steel hull.  That probably means nothing to most people, so here's a picture:
The Capitan Miranda is the closest ship in this picture (i.e., the one flying the Uruguayan flag).

Kind of a closer picture.  Kind of hard to shove a ship that big into a picture.

So here's a photo courtesy of the interwebs.

Anyway, it was an entertaining night.  The Uruguayans had been partying pretty much nonstop since 2pm on Thursday.  So throw an event with free alcohol into the mix and the results are...interesting.  They had a drum circle type thing going on deck, which was kind of really fun to watch.  I wish I had a video or something, but we were a little busy.

Saturday morning was another shift for me, working at the Maritime Center with a bunch of little kids doing crafty things.  Not much to say except it was hot, we were all sweaty, and very busy.  Little kids love to build stuff apparently.  While I was working, my family were out checking out some of the smaller ships at the Maritime Center, but they were done by the time I finished work.  We met up afterwards and had dinner at this cute little Italian place near my apartment and then spent the rest of the night checking out downtown a little and just catching up in my apartment.

And unfortauntely, that's where I have to stop for right now.  Things have been a little bit crazy, but I'll pick up on that tomorrow...

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