Sunday, June 21, 2009

I live.

I never claimed to not suck at the blogging thing.  Because I forget or I get caught up in something else or I have really boring days or really busy days.  Other stuff just happens.  Basically all of these reasons apply to why I haven't posted anything since June.

I've had precalculus class for three hours every day, Monday through Friday.  Usually by the time I get out of class my brain is completely fried from staring at graphs and numbers and I just can't be bothered to do much of anything.  Other than the 3 hours of homework I get EVERY night.  That and the studying.  We have something every two days, in the pattern of quiz, quiz, test, quiz quiz, test, etc.  Just a little much for the intellectual activity these days.

The past week I was also without a computer.  Apparently I am awesome and essentially killed my computer in a period of less than 3 years.  It now has a new hard drive, new logic board, and this week will be blessed with a new optical drive.  I also apparently use too much highlighter and other yellow things, because under the harsh fluorescent lights of the Apple store, my keyboard was kind of neon yellowish.  This is gross.  But I assure you, I do wash my hands often and I am not far as I know.

So without the computer the last week I was making excessive trips to the library to print things for class and do other essential things.  And that was about it.

This week is looking a little more promising.  I have the usual class stuff.  But this coming weekend is Harborfest so I'll be doing lots of volunteer work and taking lots of pictures of big ships with big sails!  Hooray!  Also, some family members are coming into town to enjoy Harborfest, so I'll be spending time with them and showing them fun things around Charleston.   After Harborfest is over and the family leaves, I only have like one day of class and a final exam until I'm free to do whatever I wish.  I'm thinking beach days and exploring some rural fun things.  Also, I've been trying to find a night to go out - not drinking out, but just out - and it'll be a little easier to fit into the schedule then.

So even though I suck and abandon this thing, I always come back in the end, usually with photos or a fun story as a peace offering.  Promise....soooooon!

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  1. Life has a tendency to just run away with us. :-) A blog is so personal - no wrong way to do it imho.