Sunday, February 21, 2010

Since I last checked in, not a whole lot has occurred. The weather has been as crazy as ever. On the 12th, we had a couple of inches of snow here in Charleston. And today it's in the mid-60s. Although the snow was fun, I'm ready for summer!

Valentine's Day was fairly uneventful. I didn't really do a whole lot, just worked on some stuff around the house. My dad sent me roses to "brighten my day" - thank you, Dad, for reminding me that I am hopelessly single! :) He meant well and I appreciate them. They're very pretty and I've been snapping pictures of them as they bloom.

It seems February is going to come to a close, and quite frankly, I'm glad. It was kind of a month that I feel like never really arrived anyway, so why not. Bring on March! Next month is full of exciting things for me, but I don't want to spoil all the fun now.

As far as the ordinary day-to-day stuff goes, I'm trying to find the perfect fabric to make curtains for my living room/dining room. I have one set of two windows attached (if that makes sense) and then one window alone in the dining room, with my front door in between to keep them from fighting. I would love to have different curtains for living room and dining room instead of all the same. it were, I live in the apartment with the dumbest floor plan known to man. An 11' x 18' living room, which also serves as a hallways and entryway. Really. It's idiotic. And my dining room will never be separate enough from my living room to have its own color scheme. See?
Dining room is where it says "750 sq. ft."

Speaking of the dining room, since I don't dine there, I figured I should make it useful for something. So for right now, it's the makeshift arts/crafts/sewing/correspondence/printing and copy center area. I spent much of last evening trying to reorganize it so that I can implement some sort of system for storing all of this stuff. Still not done...

In other news, this weekend I made the best $10 investment of my entire life. That is, a man's razor. I don't know why, but it appears to be true that men's razors work better than women's. My legs are smooth and happy. :) Not that anybody cares, but it's a slow news day and honestly, I was really excited.

I'm off to a meeting shortly and then home to do more homework. I hope something exciting happens this week, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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