Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I was going to write a legitimate blog post, but then I came across this.

I just can't write 'em this good, folks.


  1. ok so a while ago, like 8-12 months ago, i stumbled across a youtube video of a turtle doing the same thing to another type of shoe. even though i think im supposed to be grossed out i found the sound he made to be SO CUTE! i showed my boyfriend and i just laughed til i cried. now, periodically, i will turn to greg and say 'do it'! and he will make that sound and face. to me its like the funniest thing EVER. then a few months ago we went to the zoo in central park and their were turtles raping other turtles. i gotta say, not as cute in person and i heard no cute sounds.

    i just realized i tell you very embarrassing stories about my boyfriend.

  2. I'm glad somebody else found it funny. And you seriously do tell me so many embarrassing stories about Greg. I've got a whole catalog to go on when I finally meet him. :)
    Yeah, big tortoise sex is not as funny - it's just awkward and kinda sad. We had the same experience at the Philly zoo awhile back.

  3. Its just funny cause he really doesnt do a lot of embarrassing things. But the few he does just happen to fit in conversation with you.

  4. Well what can I say? Topics of embarrassment are my specialty. :)