Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Netflix Killed The Video Store?

So it's June already. I'm a little shocked, but glad we're one month closer to being done with this year.

I've been having trouble finding a job. I'm really not so surprised. There's not much available at the moment that I'm qualified for, and the food and beverage industry, which is where most of the availability is, is not forgiving in the way of taking time off. That is an issue anyway. I do not feel comfortable getting a job and then asking for 2-4 off to return home to Pennsylvania, which I have to do in August for my MRI and neurologist stuff. When they ask me about scheduling and I say I'd need this time off, they ask why. When I tell them why, it's an automatic strike against me because I'm "sick". I'm not into lying to get my way, so unfortunately I suck at this. It's frustrating, but anyway...

This all leaves with me with a lot of free time. Lots of it is spent sleeping since the new medicine has kicked in. It makes me very tired and often dizzy for awhile after I take it. Not even so much dizzy as just unable to balance myself. I find myself really struggling to not trip or fall over. Luckily, that side effect only lasts for about an hour, but that adds up to a total of two hours of my waking day. So I've been spending a lot of my down time at home, watching movies and stuff on Netflix.

Now, please don't get me wrong - I love Netflix. It's an amazing convenience and I like being able to have so many choices. But I kind of miss going to the video store. I still have a Blockbuster card and everything, so it's not like I *can't* go. But since I'm paying for Netflix and have like a combined 600 movies between my two queues, I feel like I shouldn't go to the video store because it's fiscally irresponsible. So I miss it a lot. It used to be an adventure. When I was living with someone, we'd go out and take a long walk or go to the beach or do some other stupid, but entertaining activity. And then late at night before we went home, we'd stop by Blockbuster. It was always an ordeal choosing movies. We spent a ridiculous amount of time looking around and I remember I was always wearing something like sweatpants or beach clothes or something unfancy. The video store was part of a whole relaxing, laid back day.

So I think sometime this weekend when I'm lounging around, I'm going to go and just rent one movie. And not bother getting dressed up to leave the house. And just relax. Just the thought of it puts a smile on my face!

In other news, I'm going to challenge myself to blog every day or at least every other day. I *always* say this, but I'm really going to try, and I think it'll be good for me because if I've got nothing, it'll force me to go out and find something. I'm sure a lot of what I have to say will be trivial, but that's the beauty of it being *my* blog. Oh yes. So here's hoping it works out well! We'll see what tomorrow brings.


  1. have you ever thought about using instead? i like it because after you are done watching a movie you got in the mail you can go to your local blockbuster and swap it for a movie in the store, for free. there is no due date on the movie you rent. they just dont mail you another one until you return the one to the store. i have been using for years and years even before they did this swap. i still enjoy going to an actual video store. my ex used to work at blockbuster so i have fond memories of that. and its always funny going with greg cause we really do spend way to long in the store trying to pick something out.

  2. The thing that I like about Netflix is the selection. I can get a lot of things I'd never be able to get through a video store, and many of them I can view instantly - just plug my laptop into the TV and play. The other nice thing is that I can use it when I'm at home in PA. I can even switch my address temporarily to get DVDs mailed there if I wish. I'm sure you can do that with Blockbuster too, but the advantage of the store rentals wouldn't apply because we don't have Blockbuster near us in PA.
    I don't usually go to Blockbuster anymore. The one near me is so...uncomfortable. It has so much yellow, but not like sunshiney happy yellow, more like liver failure yellow. And it's very big and just kinda ghetto. So, I just doesn't give me that same delighted feeling. I used to go to the Hollywood Video near my house, but when I tried to go yesterday (couldn't wait until the weekend) it said they were permanently closed. *sigh*
    So I'll stick with Netflix for now. I think. Meh.

  3. Yeah the Hollywood by me closed. I had only ever gone there once, and I never returned my video. Whatever dont judge me. I guess I never had many other options other than blockbuster. There was always one within walking distance of my house. Every place me or Greg have EVER liked closed down so eh.