Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I have neglected to post anything lately because I have been home visiting the family and things have been relatively boring.  Most of my time here has been spent doing family things, playing with my beloved pet bunny, running little errands, and watching Frasier.  Really.  Frasier.  At least 4 episodes a day.

The only real news I have is that I'm volunteering at the Charleston Harborfest this year.  It's going to be quite fun I'm sure and I will have lots and lots of photos.  But that is not until the end of June, so for now I really don't have much to offer.

Next week I return to Charleston and hopefully will be taking a little fun day trip that I can share before returning to college for a month.

Annnnd that is all. 


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  2. Courtney my favorite song of radiohead is this and national anthem . this is with which I dance .. ha, ha .... I dance badly but I think this album is dismissed because it is very diverse and does not maintain a similar structures the previous Radiohead albums, to my staff as I like and I dislike is the bends,ah and I'm also a follower of Frasier, I just lost half of the third season and the last four chapters, here suddenly pass the program on the Sony channel, just that I always lose these chapters, will have to buy sooner or later I also like Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond are great Seinfeld followed since the nineties, here in Mexico there are many programs that only comedy the humor of Seinfeld and Frasier is more universal and I think thin ...I hope that it goes to you yet wonderful in the special studies and what you realise, greetings, and also to Ollie and Chrissy....and caron sends miau to you and folkien our to rotweiler grrrrruauu!!!!....