Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holy shit.

I am *still* at home, following a crazy issue with some Excedrin.  And while nothing interesting has really happened, I stumbled across something in my internet wanderings today that kind of disturbed me and also made me giggle.  That thing is the Nabaztag.

The army of bunnies with ears that look straaaangely like something else.

I saw a picture of this thing and had to click the link because...c'mon, it's shaped like a cute little bunny and I must know what it is.  And then..WHAT THE HELL.  Okay, let me start by saying that I do have a rabbit.  One that is alive and eats and goes to the bathroom wayyyy too much and hippity-hops about twitching his nose and wiggling his ears.  He's gorgeous.  See?

"I am a bunny on a cell phone.  Please drop everything and tell me how effing adorable I am!"

So upon first seeing this thing, I assumed it was like the new robotic dog.  People who can't be bothered to take care of animals but still want to experience some (extremely) basic level of cuteness and companionship adopt these things so they don't have to accept responsibility and learn to co-habitate with anything.  But then the music and the flash started.  This bunny.  Is INSANE.

Things the Nabaztag does include, but are not limited to: telling you the weather, letting you know when you have an e-mail, receiving text messages from your friends, playing a song to suit the situation, reading you news stories as they are posted online, playing a radio station upon request, wiggling its ears like a real rabbit, and...Tai Chi.  Yes, the robotic bunny does Tai Chi with its ears, as if it needs to insist upon its cuteness.  All of this is capable by connecting the thing to your existing Wi-Fi connection.  Oh and it doesn't have to talk if you don't want it to; it can communicate to you using its own special flashy light language.  And it "sniffs things" with its bellybutton.  What...the fuck.

This is crazy.  I don't know whether it has gone too far or just far enough.  I don't know whether to go "awwww" or run for my life.  And I also don't know if I prefer the plain matching white ears or the ones I can choose in any color I like.  All I know is that I don't see myself paying 99.00 USD for a super-intelligent rabbit, no matter how damn cute and helpful it is.  

Here is my final analysis:

Upside:  The thing is cute and it does tons of shit for me, thus enabling me to be so lazy that I don't even have to type anymore.
Downside:  Seeing as all of these bunnies are connected using the interwebs, I am a little afraid that there may be a robotic bunny uprising that puts all that zombie bullshit to shame.  No thank you.

Comments?  Questions?  I am very interested in the arguments for or against this thing.

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  1. definitely these bunnies are perfect and a necessary tool for any modern person who brags about it, I want a thousand of them....Rafi Haladjian awake!....these dreaming again that our product is needed and is one of the articles of this century mejors....ahmmmm.....who you are?....I am the coocreador this technological imitation and unnecessary Olivier Mével....awake!!!!