Friday, May 08, 2009

I am a crazy animal lady.

At least I admit it.  I haven't really done a whole lot in the past two days other than watch movies.  Particularly the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  I know.  I didn't leave home for THIS?  Yeah.  So other than staring at the screen and such, I've been spending some time with the dog and cat.  Not that I ignore them any other time, but sometimes they don't get as much attention as they deserve.  Here!  Look at my babies!  *opens wallet*

The baby, Oliver.  Also known as Ollie. he often does.

"Mommyyy, what is the flashy thingyyy?"

And then Chrissy pops onto the scene.  She needs attention desperately.

Nibbles.  "Mommm she's biting meeee!"  95% of the time, yes.

Chrissy leaves and Ollie gets curious.  He wants to play the internets too!

"It wasn't pr0nz, I swears!"  (It really isn't.)

So there you have it.  Those are the babies.  I don't love Oliver more, he's just easier to take pictures of.  Chrissy has always hated the camera and will do anything to avoid getting her picture taken.  I think it's because she doesn't want anyone to have hard proof that she's not a Great Dane.  I promise I'll have more interesting stuff (at least in my opinion) sometime soonish.


  1. Courtney:I am not going to believe your kitten Ollie is very similar to our family cat named Caron, you it would be a picture of Caron in comments but you can not(as I do, silly), perhaps the post on my page,all that is no bad picture of my cat love me completely, the camera does not do justice, however oliver looks very nice like Chrissy. and ultimately you're the one with good taste ....if you're partying much fun....and tomorrow and every day you are very happy....many greetings from a fan of your page.

  2. And publish the picture (I felt like a newspaper editor) Caron is a clone of Ollie!!!!

  3. Ollie is definitely nicer, Caron is very unpleasant to me only when I want whyskas or cat chow or as they call croquettes....I forgot to ask how it was to make sure that Ollie and Chrissy so good together, are together since they were born?....Caron sends miauuu!!!....

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