Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Rev is always there for me.

When I'm at home with my parents, I watch way too much television, mostly because I'm bored and because I can, whereas at my home in Charleston I don't really get to see a lot of this stuff. One show I've gotten into the habit of watching is Run's House on MTV. I love this show, and I can't even really tell you why. Maybe it's because of the lack of really intense drama. Maybe it's because of his happy-go-lucky attitude. Whatever it is, it's working, and due to my love for this show, I somehow signed up to receive Rev Run's Daily Words of Wisdom over a year ago. I don't even know.

So I get these e-mails daily. Sometimes they're about stuff I'm not so into like God or business. But for the past few months, there have been some really good little blurbs that have really been coinciding with various problems I've been having. Don't get me wrong - I know that these little two-sentence motivational speeches are not going to solve all my problems. That's my responsibility. But it's good to kind of get a little push to stick with it or whatever sometimes.

All of that being said, lately I've been having a lot of doubts about my choices for my future. I've been having a lot of doubts about college and about myself. And I'm really not at all sure what to do about the situation. But, in the mornings, I open my e-mail and there are the Words of Wisdom. Here is today's:

Good morning. Never give into a melancholy vibe; resist it steadily,
for that habit will hang around and it's HARD to get rid of!
God is Love
Rev Run

It's a legit point. So anyway, I've really been looking forward to these for the past few days. If you're interested, you can read more over at Global Grind.

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