Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Food Cravings. Gah.

I am a person who is very in tune to what I'm eating, considering I don't eat much. Every season brings a change in the type of food I'm eating, and since it's starting to warm up, the cravings for fresh, light food are showing up too.

Tomatoes are always the first thing I start thinking about. They're simple enough to come by, usually, so I've already taken care of that. But for the past week or so I've been thinking about this dish I had while visiting a friend in New York. There's an Indian restaurant near his place called Spice Village and they have the most kick-ass mango salad ever. I don't remember what exactly is even in it other than mangoes, but I can't forget the flavor. It's sweet and spicy at the same time, and very fresh and juicy. I'm pretty sure that up close, it looked like this:

om nom nom...

So I think before this weekend rolls around, if I can get some nice mangoes, I'm going to attempt to make this. I'm sure there has to be a similar recipe online somewhere!

That's really it. I didn't have anything of importance to say, just am fixating on fooood. Anybody else? Weird cravings?


  1. Oh I love that stuff - haven't made it for ages!
    I use mango, red onion, lots of coriander, a little chopped chilli and a squeeze of lime juice. Your one looks like its got some tomato in there too.

  2. OK, what rock have I been living under? I've never had mango salad and that pic makes me go, "WANT!"

    Nothing weird on the cravings front. This time of year I start hankering after simple old tomatoes. Fresh, still warm off the vine. A little salt, pepper, fresh basil and, maybe, some slivered sweet onion. With some crusty Italian bread (garlic butter optional). Simple and good for the soul... and still 4 months away! :-(

    Dang, I'm glad I'm on vacation. Going to run to my fav restaurant after this - they have a killer fresh fruit salad with sesame oil and mint. Yummmm!