Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday night I drove to Savannah, GA to see She & Him play at the Trustees' Theater as part of the Savannah Music Festival. I like Savannah and the drive there is fairly short but they don't usually have concerts worth seeing.

I had an extra ticket because a friend canceled on me, so I ended up selling it when I got there to a student from SCAD. She got stuck sitting next to me for the night, but she was nice enough so it was okay. We talked for about an hour before the show began.

There was no opening act, so the show was much shorter than I'm used to. Zooey Deschanel walked out on stage wearing a smile and a gorgeous pink dress. I love her mannerisms - she just carries herself very well. And I'm pretty sure she's the most beautiful woman alive. I was surprised by her voice live. It was by no means bad, just a little different in tone from on the album. But she projects well, and was very fun to watch.

They played a good mix of songs from their first album and also the second, which was just released a few days ago. Zooey, of course, was accompanied by m.ward (the "Him" in She & Him), and also by a band consisting of a drummer, rhythm guitarist, bassist, and two backup vocalists who also played some percussion and keys. Surprisingly, though, m.ward sort of hung out of to the side of the stage, very rarely interjecting himself into Zooey's stage show.

The crowd at the concert was fairly mixed - about half and half between SCAD students and older folks, some of which were very obviously wealthy, high society types who probably attended every event of the Festival. I don't hate old people, it was just weird to see them milling around in suits and fancy dresses like they were at the opera or a gallery opening or something.

I wish I had pictures or video to share, but per the artist's request, such things were not allowed. I don't typically break that rule - especially not in a small venue. As far as I can tell, only one video has surfaced so far on YouTube, and it's not so worth seeing.

Anyway, it was a good time and I'm glad I had the opportunity to go. And as always, I enjoyed Savannah - such a nice little city. I'd never want to live there, but I'm sure I'll visit it a few more times before I leave the South.


  1. One of the good points of living in the US must be getting to see all these great bands. I hope She & Him decide to come to Australia. I almost picked up the new album the other day, is it any good? I've only seen the video clip for 'In The Sun'

  2. Crumbs! That code would be lovely, thank you! My email address is

    If you include your address in the email I'll send you a CD in exchange. I'll even get Bianca to decorate the envelope!