Thursday, March 04, 2010

Well, shit.

First person who can guess what accidentally occurred here due to my stupidity gets a high five.


  1. Looks like someone turned on the wrong burner!

  2. Oh my! Is it okay?! My cat spilled hot chocolate on my Macbook screen the week I bought it. I have a white mushroom cloud over the bottom half of my screen but I live with it.

  3. It was the correct burner at the time. Unfortunately, that time was two hours before this incident occurred.
    As far as I can tell, Maccy is doing okay. The fan runs out of control, but that's not really anything new.
    Bianca, I can't imagine! Kitty would be looking for a new home! :) I say that, but I can't count the number of things my cat has destroyed since he's been in my home.