Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm still feeling very trapped in my life lately, and the feeling is exacerbated by my total lack of energy. It's not because I'm out partying and not sleeping, not because I'm not taking vitamins, basically not for lack of trying. I get up in the morning, do some yoga, take my vitamins, eat some breakfast, start to get moving and promptly crash. It's likely that I sleep close to 12 hours a day. Not because I want to, but because I can't function otherwise. I'm clumsy and absent-minded and just generally unpleasant. The 12 hours a day things doesn't sound awful in theory, but considering I don't typically even get to sleep until 3 a.m., it kind of ruins the entire day.

So all that being said, I haven't been up to much. It is mentally taxing to think that's it's physically taxing for me to do all the normal things a person does. But it kind of is that way.

Even though I haven't been up to much, I did get something cool in the mail the other day, so that's something! This cool guy from Australia sent me two mix CDs, which, so far have been AWESOME. I'm really loving them. One is all bands from Australia and the other is just good bands from everywhere. His girlfriend, Bianca, decorated the CDs and made everything look gorgeous. She has the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen. Check it out.

I didn't get pictures of the actual CDs, because I was in a rush to listen to them. But they're cool, I promise.

Staci and I went to the Tin Roof again last night. They were showing Zombie Strippers and we wanted to check that out, but we got sidetracked and misinterpreted each other so we were too late. Oh but don't worry, it will be seen. We just kind of hung out and talked and just relaxed. I like the place - it's got this feeling about it - makes me feel creative. We were doodling and writing the entire time we were there. And the pressure to drink isn't high. They're cool with people coming and hanging out and not being boozy and out of hand. I like that. Also, people actually talked to us this time around.

My dad called while we were out and said he bought some new paring knives. The first thing I asked him was if they were sharp. Not because I was being a dick, but because I am familiar with the brand of knives he bought and they're the sharpest ones I've ever owned and they hold it well. Anyway, he said he cut himself and should've gotten stitches but didn't, only while he was washing them. At this point I made fun of him profusely. Since I cut myself last year, my family members always tell me to stay away from sharp things. So it's nice to switch it around every now and then. He assures me he can feel the tip of his thumb, so I think all is well. If he were terribly injured, I wouldn't laugh.

That's all I've got. Not leaving the house much during the daytime really cuts down on the stories to share. I'll try to get better and come back with something really fantastic.

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  1. Hi new blog friend :)

    So I had the same issues with feeling like I never get enough sleep at night. I finally gave in and did one of those creepy sleep studies where you have to sleep at a place and they monitor you with these patches they stick everywhere and video cameras. They figured out that my brain was not letting my body fall asleep and they gave me some pills and I am a new woman. You never know, maybe your sleeping problem has nothing to do with things that you can control ( like yoga, diet, etc..) Being tired sucks.