Friday, April 02, 2010

In which I fail to be graceful and elegant...

So I had a gift certificate for a certain online shop and I used it to buy a really cute pair of ballet flat-ish shoes. They're a pale lavender color and are possibly the most comfortable shoes I own now. Shoes by Blowfish are always comfortable as far as I can tell. Anyway, they arrived yesterday afternoon and I immediately ripped them out of the box in a whirlwind of tissue paper and cardboard.

Anyway, I tried them on and they fit perfectly and I wanted to take a picture to share in my joy over this simple little event. After I took this picture, I promptly kicked the shoes off (who am I kidding - I took them off carefully and placed them back into their safe little box), put my flip-flops on, and walked into the bathroom so I could get ready to meet a friend for dinner. Upon exiting the bathroom, I gracefully kicked into the edge of the bathroom door. I'm like at least 125% positive that I broke at least two toes. Possibly like 3. Or two and a half.

I'm sure I've probably broken a toe before, just from being clumsy and/or reckless. But I've never had lasting pain due to it. Is it weird that I have pain radiating up through the top of my foot to my ankle? Anybody an expert on these things?


  1. wondering if there was a cool toe-ring in there...

  2. Owwwww! No, I'm not an expert - that sounds like a visit to the doc is in order to be sure it's not more than "just" a broken toe(s). Radiating pain... not so good, generally. Hoping it heals rapidly!

  3. Them darn toes - been there, done that
    Here are a couple of signs
    1) If you find that you can't stand with your weight on your injured foot for more than a minute or two, this could mean your toe is broken.
    2) An abnormal amount of swelling

  4. Yeah there's definitely some swelling and bruising going on and much pain at the moment. I can stand, but am obviously not up to running a marathon, and I'm putting all the weight on the opposite side of my foot. I'm sure a doctor would advise against that, but such is life. Thanks for the answers!