Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Another Excellent Weekend in New York

Anybody who knows me is well aware that I absolutely love New York City.  Also any part of New York state that I've been to, I have thoroughly enjoyed.  Last year started my awful habit of making several little trips to New York each year.  I even took the opportunity to study at NYU for 2 months last summer and to live in the East Village and enjoy its weirdness.

So this weekend I packed a little bag and borrowed my father's car and took off for New York to visit my friend Adam in Yonkers and to make a little trip into the city.  When I visit Adam we don't really make extravagant plans or write down a schedule or do super touristy things, but we always have fun and it's just enjoyable.  I love having the time to hang out with him and it's nice to do it in a place that I love.

When I arrived in Yonkers Friday afternoon, Adam was still at work and I was dying for some sleep due to a huge lack of sleep from the night before.  After much listening to the cat squeaking away under the bed, I finally dozed off and before I knew it Adam was there.  We sort of had a relaxing evening watching Food Network and just generally being lazy, and then eventually went to a diner for late food.  Note: I love diners.  In Charleston, we have maybe 2 diners that I never go to because they are nowhere near me and always are ridiculously busy.  So diner fun with Adam is always a treat.  :)  Anyway, after dinner we called it an early night and that was that.

Saturday was our day to head into the city and just sort of amble around and explore.  Apparently Adam doesn't often venture into Manhattan, so it was a treat for him too.  We did nerdy things like checking out the MTA museum/store in Grand Central and going to the FDNY museum/store somewhere (I really just follow...am not good with directions!).  Adam had a moment of glee over each and I enjoyed it as well.  After that we trekked down to Herald Square so I could buy shampoo.  I always get my shampoo from Lush and typically I spend way too much money there, but I managed to keep myself in check this time.  But man, I really love that store.  We then sort of walked aimlessly around (I say that because I had no idea where we were going :)) until we ended up in Times Square.  At this point I decided that it was imperative that I enter Toys 'R' Us because I saw Hello Kitty things and I am probably really only 5 years old.  Fun was had by all...or at least by me.  We ate dinner at this little Italian restaurant that specializes in pasta.  Was very, very good.  After that we took a nice little walk through Central Park and then headed back toward Grand Central.  I really enjoy taking the subway and the Metro North.  It is one of those little pleasures that I just am overjoyed about.  So train ride back was fun fun except for the "wobbles" of the train that made me want to vomit.  Also the drunk couple in the seats next to us who were making out and considering getting down on the train may have contributed to the need to expel my dinner.  All in all, the trip was super fun.  The only thing that was not accomplished was the finding of a real, live rat for me to view because I have never seen one in that wasn't someone's pet.  Weird story...nevermind.  We walked to the train station from Adam's apartment, so naturally we walked back and I died on the way due to a tremendous hill and the fact that I am lazy.  My legs are still giving me a big "fuck you" over that.  Thanks, Adam.  :)

Also, while we were in the city we became very aware that it is Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary!  Hooray for HK!  There were some neat statues and fountains of the feline and her bunny friends in this courtyard that we passed by.  There was one bunny fountain and a Helly Kitty fountain that operated by having two little streams of tears shoot from their eyes into pools around them.  Poor sad bunny and kitty!  Anyway, if you like Hello Kitty, go check it out.

Sunday we had planned on doing some rugged nature things.  We were going to wear plaid and grow mustaches especially for the occasion.  However, it poured all morning and most of the afternoon, so we slept in, had bagels in the afternoon, watched MIB2 and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and had dinner at Spice Village, possibly one of the best Indian places EVAR.  After all that we sort of chilled at the apartment and just talked and laughed and had a grande olde time.

Monday I headed back to Pennsylvania.  I always hate returning to PA after I've been in New York.  Not only do I miss my friend, but I just miss the happy feeling I have while I'm there and I become irritated as soon as I leave.  That's actually not true.  I'm fine until I hit New Jersey, where I start to prep myself for the mild irritation, and then in PA I just become a grumpy asshole who hates everyone.  I am really sick of Pennsylvania in general and if I could get away with it, I'd probably make it a point to not come back here for a very long time.  However, most of my family live here and it's really not an option at this point in time.

So those are all the boring details of my weekend.  Not boring to me at all.  I had an amazing weekend and the best host in the world and I hope that I can do it all over again in the near future.  I hope even more that I can get my ass in gear and graduate college very soonly so that I can then begin searching for jobs and hopefully move to New York semi-permanently.  Hooray!

Tomorrow I'm getting the new vehicle.  Be excited please, because I am.  :)

(Apologies because I never really take photos in New York.  Sorryyyy!)

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