Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh Deer!

I love this time of year because of all the little baby animals.  Since I've been home, I've seen young bunnies, elk, llamas, and of course, deer.  This is however an awful time of year, because I decide that I want to adopt one of each of these critters and pet them and love them.  :)

Today was an active day in our front yard and fields.  For the past few weeks, as is typical at this time of year, we've had a doe and her 3 little baby fawns hanging around in the front yard and the field that we used to have sheep in.  Two of the fawns are always seen together and we call them "twins".  The other fawn is often off on its own and seems to have a bit more character than the other two.  The mother isn't around as often, at least not visibly.  

We hadn't seen the deer for the past week and were a little concerned.  The fawns are young enough that they still have spots on them.  And then today, as I walked out of my grandparents' house, I saw this thing munching on one of my grandmother's plants and it stopped and stared me down for awhile then returned to its snack.  Later, when I left the house in the car, I saw the twins lying down in the field, and they too stared at me without moving.  When I came back home later in the evening, the mother walked across the driveway in front of me, and the twins were still lying in the field.  By the time I got to the house they'd walked off.  The little fawns are so adorable and I was able to get two kind of blurry pictures of the twins before they ran.

The brown blobs are deer, ok?