Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weird Dreams & Upcoming Week From Hell

Last night I don't recall waking up a whole lot, but I didn't have a restful night.  I had dreams that were weird, even by my standards - three in particular.

In the first, I was at a Blue Man Group concert with a bunch of people I supposedly knew but didn't know in real life.  There was this big PVC pipe running through the crowd that was painted all different colors and little pieces snapped off of it.  The people around me kept taking off all these little pieces and then walking away and coming back for more...and that was all that happened.

In the second, I was at a Dallas Cowboys game with my grandma.  Apparently the cowboys were getting their asses handed to them.  My gran and I were walking around and passed through this open field that was separated from the football field by a wooden fence.  Big things started landing on the ground around us.  They were bodies...the bodies of several Cowboys players...that were being tossed through the air by the opposing team.  We were trying to get out of the way of this seemingly normal occurrence when a body landed on top of me causing mild discomfort.  I made a pissy face and the dream ended.

In the last dream I can remember, I was in a school in some sort of large city.  The front half of the building was sagging a little - it looked like it was leaning out over the street.  But we still had classes in this building, even in the half that was collapsing.  The inside of the building was dirty and old, with holes in the wall and plaster cracking away.  The floors were dusty and there weren't many lights but there were old TVs in every room on little wheeled carts.  We all entered a classroom at the front of the building and could tell that the floor was sloped due to the building's front slowly sliding to the ground.  But we were told it was ok and we were each instructed to grab these little tiny mattresses, get comfortable, and pay attention to the lecture on TV.  And then it ended.

I didn't do anything different in my routine before bed last night, so I'm not sure what the cause of such weird dreams was.  I'm not good at interpreting those sorts of things.  However, it's not normal for me to have that many dreams, let alone strange ones, in one night.

In other news, I went to the hand doctor today.  It was a weird experience because he had two med students following him, and they came in to try to diagnose me before the actual doctor came in.  The doctor is 99.9% I sliced through three branches of the nerve on the side of my index finger closest to my thumb.  The cut is just on the border of where nerves become too small to be repairable.  The doctor says he's done one or two repairs on cuts in this area before, and he thinks he can fix it.  So I go in for surgery next week to determine if he actually can or not.  I will never have the same sensation I used to have in my finger, but if the nerves can be reattached, not only will it save me some pain when the nerves try to branch out, but it will restore a little bit of feeling to my finger.  The doctor said that the sutures for reattaching the nerve in this area of a finger are about 1/10 the size of a human hair, so I will probably be put under to prevent me from moving as much as possible during the surgery.  He said that most people who don't have the nerve repaired do what I'm already doing and sort of stop using the finger that has lost feeling - instead they replace it with another finger in the duties it would usually perform.   Anyway, I'm sure it'll be fine and I'd rather just get it out of the way.  Hopefully all will go smoothly and in 3ish months, I'll have a little bit of feeling back.

So next week, school starts on Tuesday, surgery sometime in the week, and sorority recruitment stuff starts Saturday.  Busy, busy, busy and I will be more tired than I can even express in words.  I guess it depends on when I have the surgery as to whether or not I'll be doing the recruitment stuff, but it's just a lot going on all at once.

That's all I've got for now.  More next week, I'm sure.

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  1. Haven't checked in for a while... oh boy! Fingers crossed for a successful surgery. Take care of yourself!!