Monday, August 03, 2009

Fleet Foxes! Holy shit!

Thursday night (July 30 for people who are "date challenged") I had the pleasure of driving to Philadelphia and actually making it to a concert on time.  I also had the experience of being directed by a parking attendant to back my father's car into a fence, but let's not talk about that.

Anyway, a friend and I headed to the Electric Factory to see Fleet Foxes.  I was looking forward to this for a very long time.  Being the nerd I am, I actually woke up early the morning the tickets went on sale to make sure I remember to get them RIGHT AWAY.  And when they arrived, I gave them a little special place on my refrigerator.  So when the day finally arrived I was sooooo happy.  I was twitching with happiness.  And possibly maybe dancing a little.

When we got there I was kind of confused and lost because I'd never been to this particular venue before and driving in Philadelphia tends to have this effect on me anyway.  So we took a little time to sit and talk and just relaxxx before things started.  We sat upstairs along the railing because I am short and we didn't get there early enough for me to stand right in front of the stage.  So being upstairs was kind of the best option available for me as far as being able to see.

The opening band was Espers.  They are from Philadelphia, so I hear.  And I kind of really didn't like them.  I probably would've liked them if it was sunny and we were in a field.  Or if I was smoking pot like all the kids downstairs.  Yes, you fuckers.  Thank you for ruining everything for everyone who isn't retarded by smoking ALL NIGHT and giving us all headaches and making us want to rain vomit down on you from above.  Seriously.  I know that people do this but there is a point at which the entire situation just becomes ridiculously.  That point was reached about 20 minutes into the evening.

ANYWAY.  Espers were not impressive.  Little bit weird for my taste.  That's saying something somehow.  So here's a picture of them:

Blurriest picture ever.  

And whoever was responsible for making sure everything sounded right for this band seriously sucked.  A lot.  But after maybe 30 minutes of that awful stuff, there was a quick reset for Fleet Foxes, during which they did their own sound check and went into the booth themselves to make sure things didn't suck.  And then they were on.  I had watched videos of their live performances before so I had kind of an idea that they were good but I was really extremely impressed.  It just is amazing that they are as tight as they are and that they immediately are in tune and in perfect harmony with each other - no searching for notes whatsoever, really I didn't hear a single mistake. 

All in all this concert probably falls into the #3 slot of my favorites of all time, right behind the Violent Femmes show at the Plex and Nicole Atkins at Snug Harbor.  Was very enjoyable and I'm sure I will be making an effort to see them again in the future.

Here, have some blurry pictures.  My camera seriously sucks so hard.  Maybe someday I'll do something about that.

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