Sunday, August 09, 2009

Things Are Too Normal

After the rushing around of the past two weeks, it's weird that things are now TOO quiet.  I haven't been doing a whole lot.  In fact, the only things I have accomplished are reading the first Harry Potter book, doing a little artsy project, and brushing the dog.  Everything else has kind of been me milling about and just generally not doing anything.

I've decided I'll be returning to Charleston on Wednesday.  I'm kind of happy, but at the same time I'd just rather not return to Charleston at all.  But also not stay here.  I need to move, but that's not something I can do right now for about a million different reasons.

I feel like my summer has been completely non-existent.  I haven't really gone on vacation other than the little New York trip.  I went to school for a month.  I haven't even had any major change or accomplishment.  I've been trying to get back into painting and other stuff like that, but just am finding that it's a lot harder than I remember.  I lack inspiration and ideas.  I want to start sewing.  And embroidering.  But it has to be by hand because I don't have a machine.

Actually I just remembered, I did go see Julie & Julia on Friday with my mom and her best friend.  It was a really cute movie.  When I was younger, my father and I used to watch Julia Child on TV and have a cup of tea together.  I wasn't crazy about her then, but that being said, I didn't give a damn about cooking then.  So I was really kind of intrigued with this movie because it exposed a julia Child that most people were not familiar with.  Her character was really revealed and it made her a much more interesting person to me.  As for Julie Powell, I think it was really cool what she did.  I don't really know anybody that dedicated to anything as she was to cooking through Julia's recipes and learning everything she could from it.  I really WISH I could be that dedicated to spending so much time in the kitchen after a day of doing something else.  Of course, this movie was probably not completely accurate in respect to either of the women, but it was just really cute.  Much better than I expected it to be and I was pleased.

There was a preview before this movie for 2012.  I have to say I'm really looking forward to this movie coming out and I'm going to see it whether anyone comes with me or not.  It's another movie about apocalyptic stuff and if your'e interested in seeing the awesome trailer, you can go here.

That's all I've got.  Two little art projects in plan for the next few days.  If they don't totally suck, maybe I will share.

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  1. I so want to see Julie & Julia! Now if I can only find the time.

    Thought you might like this mashup of the 2012 trailer. What a hoot!